The Koch Center- Englewood and Waldwick, New Jersey (Outpatient)

We base our program on a cutting edge treatment protocol for school refusal called “Dialectical Behavior Therapy – School Refusal” (DBT-SR). DBT-SR uses multiple modalities to directly address the emotional and behavioral dyscontrol that drives and maintains school refusal behavior. Unique to this treatment is that it uses web-based coaching to help students and parents negotiate the morning, which is typically the most difficult and crucial time of day with respect to school refusal. Our School Refusal Program also addresses both the positive and negative reinforcers that are associated with school refusal behavior and any comorbid psychiatric disorders.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation that allows us to establish an intensive individualized treatment plan for school refusers and their families. This program is for children of any age (Elementary School through High School) who exhibit full or partial school refusal behavior. Our treatment protocol includes: DBT Skills Group Training, Individual DBT Therapy for the Child, Weekly Parent Meetings, Web & Phone Based Coaching in the Morning, Collaboration with School Personnel and any other necessary resources to meet each family’s unique needs. If you would like to schedule an initial evaluation or if you have any questions, please call Dr. Cyndi Koch at 201-670-6450 x1 or email