Potomac Behavioral Solutions - Arlington, VA , Partial and Outpatient Programs

The Intensive Program is specialty designed for children and adolescents who would benefit from more targeted treatment of OCD and anxiety-related symptoms. The  Intensive Program identifies and addresses triggers to obsessions and helps patients prevent mental and behavioral compulsions. Our approaches include Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP)Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The  Intensive program runs for five hours, five days weekly. Each patient and their family meets one-to-one with providers. Our team includes a psychiatrist and therapists treating specific phobias, Social Anxiety, and School Avoidance

Initial intake and pre-commitment with individual Provider (4-6 weeks of once weekly individual 45-minute sessions) Psychoeducation (including family members), Psychological assessment, Structuring the environment, Learning non-avoidant coping, Treatment planning and case formulation, Development of exposure hierarchy, . Intensive Week (9-2pm Tuesday-Monday), Review assigned homework exposures, Exposure and skills development protocols, Assign homework for the evening,  Follow ups 45-minute sessions focused on relapse prevention