Kansas City Center for Anxiety Treatment, University, Overland Park, KS (Outpatient)

They provides quality treatment for school refusal/school avoidance which commonly co-occurs with anxiety and depression. KCCAT staff are specifically trained in the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapies (CBT) and Exposure and Response/Ritual Prevention (ERP), a first-line, evidence-based treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders. They provide a broad range of diagnostic and treatment services targeting anxiety, mood, and behavioral health challenges across all age groups (from age two through adults). Symptoms may present in numerous forms that KCCAT staff are trained to detect and treat, whether you are experiencing recent onset or have longstanding difficulties. An added benefit is that they are often able to help inform treatment direction even in cases where other providers may have considered a condition as unresponsive to care or “treatment refractory.”

They also offer support and education surrounding a loved one’s symptoms, even if they are reluctant to or refusing treatment. They arrange one or more consultation sessions for individuals or families separately or prior to pursuing evaluation and enrolling in clinical treatment. During a consultation you will meet with a member of the clinical staff to review general aspects of symptom education and discuss what an evidenced-based care approach or techniques might look like for a described situation

Treatment is individualized to type and levels of need and can vary substantially—ranging from brief and focused skill building and education plans to intensive home-based services. Upon completion of the assessment process and team review, they will discuss impressions of what options or structure for treatment may be most likely to meet your needs, whether at KCCAT or elsewhere.

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