Insight Behavioral Health Centers - School Refusal Partial Hospitalization Program

locations in: Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Houston, TX, Sacramento, CA, San Antonio, TX, Seattle, WA, The Woodlands TX

Insight Behavioral Health’s School Refusal Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed to treat adolescents struggling with school avoidance. We offer a collaborative approach provided by a treatment team composed of mental health professionals, parents and school staff. Our program addresses underlying anxiety and oppositional behaviors associated with school refusal.
Through a combination of the following approaches, we help the students overcome their avoidance of school:Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERP) is offered for adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression and fear relating to the school environment; Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is used to address the oppositional or behavioral symptoms that have prevented the adolescent from effectively engaging in school; Educational support and executive functioning skills training.

Parents engage in weekly Multi-family DBT groups and ERP skills training to assist their adolescents in overcoming barriers to school reintegration.

Multiple locations: 877-711-1878