Dominion Hospital -Falls Church , VA Intensive Outpatient, Inpatient and Partial Program

Choices School Refusal Program for ages 13-17. Dominion Hospital's School Refusal Program is rooted in a model of individualized, clinically-driven, and evidenced-based care. The program is based on a cognitive behavioral model. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you and your child to develop an individualized plan of care, which will address and treat specific symptoms that prevent your child from attending school. The primary program goal is to reintroduce a child to the academic setting and achieve full-time attendance with minimal distress. Key Program Components: CBT and DBT Skills Training, Parent Training, Mindfulness, Exposure Therapy, Psychoeducation, Therapeutic Homework and Logbooks, Expressive Therapy. Program Outcomes: Ease Re-entry into School, Develop School and Anxiety-based Coping Skills, Build Social Skills, Decrease Social Anxiety, Change Negative Thinking Patterns, Teach Parents Skills to Address Non-compliance, Empower Parents Better Support their Child, Reduce Family Conflict, Increase Rewards for Going to School, Decrease Awards for Missing School. Program hours Monday - Friday / 8:45 AM - 3:00 PM 

Inpatient Program When 24/7 monitoring is needed, our inpatient program offers 24-hour nursing care and full psychiatric services in a safe and structured environment. Medical supervision by highly qualified mental health professionals, many of whom are board-certified in adolescent psychiatry, means teens receive appropriate individual assessment, intervention, education, supportive therapies and discharge planning.

Partial Program Choices adolescent partial hospitalization program is a short-term, intensive program serving adolescents ages 13 to 17. The program provides a flexible treatment option for those that may need a more gradual transition from an inpatient stay. The partial hospitalization program can also be utilized as a preventive measure to an inpatient admission for individuals experiencing an increase in symptoms and require a more intensive treatment structure than traditional outpatient therapy can provide.

They also provide education services to support our inpatient and partial school-age patients during their admission. Dominion Hospital offers patients access to their schoolwork; however, we are not a school and do not provide direct instruction or give grades. Dominion supports patients’ engagement with learning.