Montana Academy

Executive Contact: John Santa, Ph.D.

Admissions Contact: Rosemary McKinnon, LCSW


Work Phone: (406) 858-2339 (w)

Fax: (406) 858-2356


Address 1: 9705 Lost Prairie Rd.

City: Marion

State: MT

Zip: 59925

Specific Program Type: Therapeutic Boarding School

Specific Age Range: 14 to 17

Specific Gender Type: Coeducational

Description: Montana Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers. We take a distinctive psychiatric approach to adolescent troubles. We recognize that many presenting symptoms and

misbehaviors - at school, at home, and among social peers - result from a relative immaturity. For
this reason we pursue a two-step diagnosis and dual treatment: a)to identify and then to remove, in
so far as possible, the obstacles to psychological development and b) to prod students to achieve
new psychological milestones and so to restore the momentum of normal maturation. These twin
developmental goals require a coordinated and sustained effort. We also recognize that addictions
emerge from developmental struggles and our three-phase Addiction Studies program, designed
especially for adolescents, augments individual, group and family therapeutic work.

We combine an emotional growth program, designed for young people with psychological difficulties,
with a dual academic curriculum that is suited to bright students disenchanted and disengaged from
the conventional classroom. Adolescent maturity is the central goal for Montana Academy's school. We
think that young people become truly effective students only if they grow up emotionally, cognitively
and ethically, and only if they integrate these aspects of personality into vigorous participation in
the classroom. In short, we believe that academic achievement is linked, in the broadest sense, to
character development. Rather than drill for mastery of course content we assist students in becoming
responsible for their own learning so that our graduates can perform with distinction in any demanding
college, and will go on learning for the rest of their lives.

Experience teaches that students can make little progress unless their parents join our staff in a close,
constructive alliance. Parents need to make time in their busy lives for weekly phone calls, letters and
to visit and to help repair strained relationships.

Individual Psychotherapy Available: Yes

Accreditation Liscensure Approval: State of Montana, Board of Private Alternative Adolescent Resident or Outdoor Programs; Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; Northwest Accreditation Commission; National Independent Private School Association; Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

Program Type: Boarding School

Age Range: Young People 12 to 18

Gender Type: Coeducational