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My Sons Experience-2014 -From Jason / Maryland

After switching from elementary school to middle school, my son, started getting into a sporadic school refusal starting out like a Monday just not feeling to good. Or through the frigid winter, there were days that were particularly difficult when it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break made for difficult returns after each.

On top of these more, of less "comfort" issues my son is in The gifted and talented program in all classes. So each day, to do homework took between 2-4 hours it came to the point that school work is all he did other than eat and sleep. In February while negotiating with the school about this issue, the school was very slow to act in really anyway,shape, or form. They basically gave our family a list of websites and told us to figure it out!
In March the school suggest to use an isolation and restraint methodology and by April with him missing so much time and the pressure of the school mentioning I could be fined or jailed, I allowed it. After about three times of allowing this I was unable to subject him to it any longer because it was worsening the issue.

After a few weeks of straight missed days the school counselor tells my son if he didn't come the forth quarter he would not fail, I could not believe this! This I immediately knew made getting him to go to school exponentially more difficult.

I don't want to say much about our current situation as we still deal with the school refusal because I've been informed I may now need to go to court.

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