Response from Angela / United Kingdom

 he was ude to go to high school in sept after a lot of stress and panic we got him to go in for one day  the college leader broke the promise of him not having to go into class  when reece came home he selfharmed and stressed for 2 hours since then which now about 12 days we have not been able to get him to go back.. the senco as since put all in place for an asd child. friday we went over the school and insisted on seeing the principal .. the college leader appered and said we will do a home visist monday morning and how sorry they were to miss past appointment ..i gave them a plan laying out a way to help reece with phased intergration.. the plan i gave said 3 visists to school no classrooms .. meet each teacher.. then 1 hour a day for so many weeks leading up to full school.. i am waiting their response to this on monday.. and then i requested if reece fails to attend home tutor intervention with the tutor leading reece into school.. i have a gp and waiting for an appointment for a therapist.. the school he goes to is ormiston adventure academy

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